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【HD高清視訊轉換燒錄工具】Sothink HD Movie Maker v2.2 Build 205

【HD高清視訊轉換燒錄工具】Sothink HD Movie Maker v2.2 Build 205

Sothink HD Movie Maker 可讓我們將各種不同的影片轉換並燒錄成藍光光碟或 DVD (AVCHD),並可於藍光播放器(包含 SONY PlayStation 3)。Sothink HD Movie Maker 支援多數的影片格式,例如:WMV、MKV、AVI、DivX、XviD、MPEG、MP4、MOV、RM、RMVB…等。同時,它也支援多處理器或是多核心之處理器,讓我們的工作,可以更快的速度完成。

Sothink HD Movie Maker 是款專業的藍光影片轉換以及燒錄軟體。它可讓我們將各種常見的影片轉換成高畫質的藍光影片,並燒錄在藍光光碟或是 DVD 光碟(AVCHD)上。而其轉出之高畫質藍光影片,可讓我們在藍光光碟機上正常播放,當然也包含了 Sony PlayStation 3(PS3)。

Sothink HD Movie Maker 支援了許多常見的影片格式,並將之轉換為高畫質影片,例如:WMV、MKV、AVI、DivX、XviD、MPEG、MP4、QuickTime Movie(MOV、QT)、Real Video(RM、RMVB)、H.264/AVC、M2TS、FLV…等。

除此之外,我們還可以透過 Sothink HD Movie Maker 將轉換後的高畫質影片,燒錄至藍光光碟上,或者是燒錄至一般的 DVD 光碟片(AVCHD)。

【HD高清視訊轉換燒錄工具】Sothink HD Movie Maker v2.2 Build 205【功能特色】

    * 可匯入多數的視訊格式,例如:WMV、MKV、AVI、DivX、XviD、MPEG、MP4、QuickTime Movie(MOV、QT)、Real Video(RM、RMVB)、H.264/AVC、M2TS、M2T、MTS、FLV…等
    * 可燒錄高畫質攝影機之影片至藍光光碟,例如:Sony(*.m2ts)、Canon(*.m2t)以及 Panasonic(*.mts)
    * 可建立不同解析之高畫質影片,例如:1280 * 720p、1440 * 1080p 以及 1920 * 1080p
    * 支援 DVD+R、DVD+RW、DVD-R、DVD-RW、BD-R、BD-RE…等光碟片
    * 支援 BD-25 以及 BD-50
    * 可以影片轉換成 Blu-ray 格式,並燒錄至一般的 DVD 光碟,以利沒有藍光光碟之使用建立 AVCHD 影片
    * 轉換、燒錄一氣呵成,其輸出之藍光影片擁有著優異的畫質
    * 自動載入字幕
    * 支援 PAL 以及 NTSC
    * 支援 5.1 聲道
    * 支援多核心之 CPU
    * 支援批次轉檔
    * 內建影片播放器,以利預覽來源影片
    * 提供略縮圖及詳細清單模式,檔案清單可以一目瞭然
    * 即時顯示轉檔狀態
    * 轉換時,可以暫停、續轉或新增檔案
    * 可裁剪影片之特定時間區段
    * 可自動產生影片章節,以方便我們觀賞影片
    * 可自動地依據目標光碟容量,計算影片位元率
    * 簡單易用的軟體操作介面

Ready for high definition journey on HDTV Sothink HD Movie Maker will lead you to create Blu-ray movies with amazing quality and high speed. Convert and burn videos to Blu-ray Discs or AVCHD DVDs for HD enjoyment on any Blu-ray players or Sony Playstantion® 3 game console.

This Blu-ray movie creator allows world-wide users to convert video to Blu-ray, edit and burn Blu-ray discs and AVCHD DVDs from various formats. It creates Blu-ray Movies from HD videos, like HD AVI, HD WMV, HD MKV, H.264/AVC; burn Blu-ray from online videos like YouTube video; author Blu-ray video discs from common video files, like AVI (DivX/XviD), MP4, WMV, MKV, MOV, 3GP, M2TS, MPEG-1/2/3/4, RM/RMVB, FLV. It is also full Blu-ray burning software that helps you burn shot videos from HD camcorders, DVs, and iPhone 4 onto Blu-ray discs. As one of the pioneers, the latest HD Movie Maker can make Blu-ray menus to dress up Blu-ray and DVD discs. 200% faster than average speed, it saves a lot time on Blu-ray movie authoring. Enable easily enjoy high-def movies with families and friends!

Why Choose Sothink HD Movie Maker?
- Create stylish movie menu to dress up your Blu-ray and DVD discs.
- Support all HD and video formats and burn high definition Blu-ray movie without quality loss.
- 200% faster than previous version and others at similar costs.
- Perfectly suit for current popular HD devices, Blu-ray players and HDTVs.
- Simple & cute, clean & safe, you can totally trust it.

Author Mosts of Videos to Blu-ray and AVCHD
- Create Blu-ray movies, up to 1280p, from multi-formats of videos, including MKV, AVI (DivX/XviD), MP4, MOV, WMV, M2TS, MPEG-1/2/3/4, RM, RMVB, H.264/AVC, VOB, etc.
- Convert Blu-ray movies from the latest iPhone 4, HD camcorder, YouTube, HDTV, DVD, etc.
- Burn high definition videos on both Blu-ray Disc (BDMV) and regular DVD Disc (AVCHD).
Create Movie Menu and Personal Blu-ray Discs
- Support rich editing & setting functions, including create chapters, cut video clip, add external subtitle, 5.1 surround sound and so forth.
- Create Blu-ray movie menu for stylish playback, and support customizing background image, music, title text, etc.
- This Blu-ray burner can intelligently calculate video bit rate according to disc's capacity.
- Simple & clear interface, user friendly and working stable.
Fastest Blu-ray Movie Burner
- 200% faster than any other Blu-ray movie software.
- Support multi-core CPU and can maximize video converting and burning speed.
- Also offer you choice of fast speed with quality video image.
Superior HD Experience on PS3 and Blu-ray Players
- Audio and video synchronization, no quality loss in converting and burning process.
- Video to Blu-ray creator supports Film, PAL and NTSC all TV Broadcast Standards.
- Perfect Blu-ray HD experience on PS3, and Blu-ray Players.


【高清視訊轉換燒錄工具】Sothink HD Movie Maker v2.2 Build 205



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