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Odin Blu-ray to HD Converter 5.5.5(轉換藍光高清及DVD等視訊成高速通用的視訊格式軟體)

Odin Blu-ray to HD Converter 5.5.5(轉換藍光高清及DVD等視訊成高速通用的視訊格式軟體)


Odin Blu-ray to HD Converter能將藍光高清及DVD等視訊轉換成高速通用的視訊格式,同時保持高視訊和音訊質量。
Odin Blu-ray to HD Converter支持流行常見格式視訊如 DVD、3GP、 FLV、WMV,RM, MPEG,HD ,AVI,PSP,iPod,等。

隨著Odin藍光與 HD轉換器,現在你可以轉換藍光影片(M2TS格式)
到高清晰度格式(H.264/MPEG-4 AVC,蘋果電視的H.2641080p的高清對 WMV,MPEG-2/MPEG-4 TS高清視訊)


Wanna rip blu-ray videos so you can share them or make a duplicate copy for your video collection?
With Odin Blu Ray to HD Converter now you can convert blu-ray videos (M2TS format) to High-Definition formats
(H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, Apple TV h.264 1080P, HD WMV, MPEG-2/MPEG-4 TS HD Video)
with excellent and unmatchable ripping-converting speed while preserving HD quality.
And you also can rip blu ray audio.
Comparing with other similar blu-ray software it can help you rip the newest blu-ray discs.

Key features:
* Rip Blu-ray DVD to HD format
* Rip bluray audio into mp3/aac/m4a/ac3/wav/wma audio
* High-speed encoder ensures smooth conversion of video and audio data
* Support batch conversion
* Various settings provide flexibility and effectiveness of the output
* Add subtitle and select audio as you want
* Clips any movie segments simply and easily
* Set video quality, video size, audio channel and audio quality freely
* Automatically shut down the computer when ripping finished

Odin Blu-ray to HD Converter 5.5.5(轉換藍光高清及DVD等視訊成高速通用的視訊格式軟體)


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