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視訊製作軟體 SuperEasy Video Converter 1.45 正式版

視訊製作軟體 SuperEasy Video Converter 1.45 正式版



‧直接從網站下載視訊像YouTube,谷歌視訊,Clipfish,MyVideo網站,VideoTube,MySpace的的Metacafe sevenload的,iFilm等,blip.tv和DailyMotion -或不轉換


‧iPod的視訊,iPhone,iPod Nano和iPod觸摸。
‧Xbox 360的
‧Windows Mobile的相容裝置(掌上電腦,Micorosft Zune和其他)
‧手機(賽車MP4 -或3GP相容)
‧新! DVD播放機的MPEG2(影碟或SVCD相容)器,Mpeg4為AVI(DivX和Xvid相容)和MPEG4為mp4(耐錄數位 相容)


With SuperEasy Video Converter you purchase video-creation software, which offers an unparalleled wealth of features and easy handling. The program converts DVD-videos as well as video files of most different formats to exactly the standard that you require for your device. Even better, it downloads flash videos from platforms like Youtube and MyVideo and converts them to the required format without wasting time.
In order to use SuperEasy Video Converter you do not require any knowledge concerning the supported formats and characteristics of your player. Just enter the target device, the software will take care of the rest with optimally tuned profiles set up by our experienced programmers, who have explored the most hidden corners of every player, whether portable or stationary.

The most important features (visible)
‧ Intuitive and easy to operate surface
‧ Recording of DVD-videos (incl. single chapters), video and flash files from Internet platforms as source files to be converted
‧ Direct video download from sites like Youtube, Google Video, Clipfish, MyVideo, VideoTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Sevenload, iFilm, blip.tv and dailymotion – with or without converting
‧ Integrated preview of files to be converted
‧ Detailed display of files to be converted
‧ Setting of cut markers: only convert what you want to see
‧ Splitting of videos for memory card players or other devices with limited storage space

The most important features (invisible)
‧ Use of latest, state-of-the-art compression technologies
‧ Integrated profiles, which are optimally adjusted to the respective player and bring the best possible results – no need for the user to agonize over encoding options, aspect ratio or incompatibility
‧ Comprehensive decoder equipment for reading all popular video formats plus less common standards

Supported devices & profiles
At present the SuperEasy Video Converter creates videos for the following devices:
‧ iPod Video, iPhone, iPod Nano and iPod touch.
‧ Playstation PSP and Sony Walkman
‧ Sony Playstation PS3
‧ Nintendo Wii
‧ Xbox 360
‧ Windows Mobile compatible devices (Pocket PCs, Micorosft Zune and others)
‧ Flash videos (flv files) e.g. for homepages and video platforms
‧ Mobile phones (MP4- or 3GP-compatible)
‧ NEW! DVD Player with MPEG2 (DVD or SVCD compatible), MPEG4 as avi (DivX and Xvid compatible) and MPEG4 as mp4 (Nero Digital compatible)

Multi standard compatibility
The software recognizes and converts the following formats (among others):
‧ unprotected Video-DVDs
‧ XviD
‧ DivX
‧ Nero Digital
‧ High Definition Video Material (as .mpeg or .ts files)
‧ High Definition Video (HDV)
‧ WMV files
‧ MPEG1 and MPEG2 files
‧ nearly all MPEG4 files
‧ nearly all h.264 files
‧ mobile phone videos (3gp or mp4)
‧ Flash Video files (.flv)

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